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42 Open Mic Night was founded by Glenn & Angela James

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Our aim is to provide a good evening’s entertainment whilst supporting local talent and providing a platform for genre writers, musicians & performers to showcase their work to an appreciative audience.

Whilst our founding themes are Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, this list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive.  We welcome contributions from a huge spectrum of genre work.  For more details please view our list of example Genres Embraced by ‘42’.

We are always on the lookout for new contributors, so if you are a writer, poet, musician, performance artist, actor or comedian and you have an interest in these genres, please get in touch.  You can contact the 42 Worcester Team either by e-mail at or via their Facebook Page

If you would like your work to be performed at ‘42’ but do not feel confident yet to do so yourself, don’t worry.  We can arrange for a local writer to read it out on your behalf.  We can also offer this service for those contributors who are unable to attend the event itself.  Let your voice be heard!

So if you live in Worcestershire or are visiting, and fancy a night out with a difference, join us for an evening of dark and fantastical entertainment showcasing local talent.
The first ever ‘42 Open Mic Night’ opened in Worcester, in March 2011, to an eager audience waiting for an evening of dark entertainment. 

Founded by Glenn & Angela James, this event has gone from strength to strength, and is now expanding to other cities and including the work of overseas writers.

We seemed to have struck a chord with ‘42’, and interest was intense.  From the word go there has been huge local enthusiasm for ‘42 Worcester’, and the event also receives a high level of support from local organisations and the local press.

Worcester is an ancient city, straddling the River Seven, which has a dramatic and bloody history going back well over two millennium.  The River is overlooked by a huge Cathedral which dominates the views of the city, and which is the resting place of none other than wicked King John. 

‘42’ cannot have started in a more fertile soil, steeped in legends and stories of haunting.  The rich vein of ghost stories about Worcester had an inspirational effect on the founding serial of ‘42’ penned by Glenn, and his tale “Norseman on the Threshold” looks at the haunting of the Cathedral by a murdered Viking, and the spirit of King John as a werewolf...
Photos copyright of Geoff Robinson, Chris Daw & Lucy Rendle
4 2   W o r c e s t e r   T e a m

Geoff Robinson Polly
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(Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
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Nosferatu @ 42
(1st Birthday Bash)

- 28th March
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
Ludi Cereales
(Celebration of Spring)

- 12th April
- Hillcrest,Worcester
Vogonesque II
(42 Special)

- 30th May
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
42 Worcester (June)
- 27th June
- Lunar Bar,Worcester