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42 Open Mic Night was founded by Glenn & Angela James

All works performed at ‘42’ are copyright of the individual authors © (All Rights Reserved)

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The first ever ‘42 Open Mic Night’ was held in Worcester in March 2011 and has gone from strength to strength.  The interest for a genre open mic night was overwhelming; we were contacted by people from all over the country and even overseas.  This resulted in the expansion to other cities and work by overseas writers being performed at these events, on their behalf.

‘42’ is designed to be a performance platform for writers, poets, musicians, performers, actors and comedians with a passion for genre subjects. 

Genres Embraced by ‘42’

Whilst the four founding themes of ‘42’ are Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, this list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive, and we welcome contributions from a huge spectrum of genre work.  Below are examples of such genres: -

Alien Conspiracy
Alternative Reality
Alternative Timeline
Ancient Cults/Religions
Comedy (Genre Stand-Up)
Dungeons & Dragons
Fan Fiction (provided the maker’s copyright is acknowledged)
Film Noir
Ghost Stories
Lost Civilisation
Steam Punk
Zombies/Zombie War

The event is a voice for performers and we advise everyone taking part to copyright their work in the conventional way before performing, to protect their copyright. 

Those involved in running ‘42’ are listed on ‘The 42 Team’ page.  The number involved is continually expanding, especially with new cities coming on board.  We are always on the lookout for new members of our team, be it for one of the current Cities or to help start one in a new City.  So if you would like to become involved or would like to see one run in your City, please contact us.

A b o u t
O P E N   M I C    N I G H T

(Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
Nosferatu @ 42
(1st Birthday Bash)

- 28th March
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
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Ludi Cereales
(Celebration of Spring)

- 12th April
- Hillcrest,Worcester
Vogonesque II
(42 Special)

- 30th May
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
42 Worcester (June)
- 27th June
- Lunar Bar,Worcester