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42 Open Mic Night was founded by Glenn & Angela James

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C i t i e s
42 Birmingham

Birmingham is a dynamic city with a thriving arts community and it has spawned some formidable writing talent .   Brum has given the World none other than J. R. R Tolkien, (author of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’), Ozzy Osbourne and John Wyndham, (author of ‘Day of the Triffids’).  James Whale, director of the 1931 ‘Frankenstein’, also started his career on the stage at the Birmingham Old Rep. There is something about the rich soil of the region and the restless energy of its people which is a particularly effective catalyst for dark imaginations.

Glenn James was born in Edgbaston, Birmingham and his native city has had a profound effect on his development as a dark writer himself.  He has always wanted to give something back to the region, and the team are particularly proud that they will be starting a ‘42’ event in Birmingham.

42 NUL (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Newcastle-Under-Lyme is an extremely green and ancient Market Town, whose origins lie in a venerable past, and which was once surrounded by extensive Lyme forests, above the Lyme Brook, from which duel sources the town is believed to have derived its name, along with the ancient “New Castle” once standing in the vicinity. Heavy expanses of woodland still surround the town today, and they are a highly evocative place to walk for imaginative writers!  A unique ‘Borough’ of Staffordshire, NUL boasts some darkly fascinating legends and folklore, and has a thriving arts community.

Glenn and Angela James moved to Newcastle-Under-Lyme in late 2011, and were immediately delighted with both the welcome and the highly inspirational surrounding.  They have enthusiastic plans to bring ‘42’ to both NUL and Stoke-On-Trent, and Glenn is working on the inaugural serials for both events respectively.

42 Stoke (Stoke-On-Trent)

One of the driving engines of the Industrial Revolution, Stoke-On-Trent is known throughout the world for its first rate pottery and the impact that the region had upon trade and the reputation of British Goods at a vital historic time.  The six towns of the Potteries are known throughout the world, and the warm welcome anyone visiting is second to none.

Angela James was raised in Stoke-on-Trent, and it was here that she developed her passion for literature and her own driven and unique poetry.  Having returned to her roots Angela aims to bring her passion for storytelling and poetry to the Potteries through ‘42’, and give budding genre writers the stage to sound their voice.

42 Worcester

The ancient city of Worcester straddles the River Seven, and as well as being very picturesque, has a phenomenal history going back well over two millennium.  Most noticeably, Worcester has a huge Cathedral which dominates the views of the city, and which is the resting place of none other than wicked King John, the legendary foe of Robin Hood.  It has a rich fund of legends and ghost stories, and it’s hardly surprising to note that it has a busy community of writers.

‘42’ started out in Worcester back in March 2011 and has gone from strength to strength.  The interest was intense from the word go and the event receives a high level of support from local organisations and the local press.

Become Involved

There are two ways you can become involved: -

1.  Join our team of organisers in one of our current Cities, or

2.  Start a ‘42’ in a new City & set up your own team
     (assistance & support will be provided).

Please contact us if you would be interested in being involved.

O P E N   M I C    N I G H T

(Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
Nosferatu @ 42
(1st Birthday Bash)

- 28th March
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
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Ludi Cereales
(Celebration of Spring)

- 12th April
- Hillcrest,Worcester
Vogonesque II
(42 Special)

- 30th May
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
42 Worcester (June)
- 27th June
- Lunar Bar,Worcester