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‘Open Mic Night will have Vampire Theme’:
Worcester Standard Article about Birthday Bash
23rd March 2012

In the edition for March 23rd, the Worcester Standard published a story about the anniversary event ‘Nosferatu @ 42’.   This included a noteworthy passage about the involvement of the Worcestershire Film Festival, and its founder Simon Munn.

The Standard have always been extremely supportive of our efforts at ‘42’, and the consistency of their reporting about our events is always enthusiastic.  This is a lovely piece about our birthday event next week, and as ever we are extremely grateful for their support and collaboration.  If you are in the Worcester area, look out for the print edition.  

Vogonesque II
21st March 2012

After the success of our first event last May, we are pleased to announce Vogonesque II on the 30th May.  The Hitchhiker’s Guide has this to say on the event:

‘Vogonesque II’ follows on from the terribly popular Douglas Adams’ themed ‘Vogonesque’ Open Mic night, celebrating ‘Towel Day’ last May, for everyone who loves ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.  This is a night of poetry, comedy, mischievous guide entries, & extremely silly observations on the cosmos at large & life in particular, marking Towel Day (the international celebration of the life & work of Douglas Adams, author of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’)

‘Vogonesque’ is inspired by the appalling poetry of Adams’ bureaucratic villains, the Vogons, whose poetry is notorious as the 3rd worst in creation.  The guide also observes that it’s vitally important to make sure you stage the sequel AFTER the first event, rather than BEFORE it, or everyone will get terribly confused...

(Vogonesque has become the yearly tribute to Douglas Adams by everyone at the ‘42’ Genre Specific Open-Mic Event, and is their contribution to the international Towel Day Celebrations).

Web Partner ‘The Eerie Digest’: Article on Birthday Bash
20th March 2012

Our well established web partner The Eerie Digest, (The Arts and Entertainment Magazine) published an article on our forthcoming birthday event, ‘Nosferatu @ 42’ on the 28th March.

The Digest and their Editor in Chief Joseph O’Donnell have always been extremely supportive of our efforts here at ‘42’.  Since establishing a link between us, a number of well known ‘42’ scribes have seen their work published in the Digest, and our American peers across the Atlantic have contributed enthusiastically to ‘42’.

This is a dynamic article about the upcoming event, and we are grateful, as ever, for their support. It is entirely reciprocated.  Many thanks to our renowned web partner The Eerie Digest for plugging our first birthday event.

Ludi Cereales: Celebration of Spring
(42 Worcester Special - April)
14th March 2012

Once again ‘42’ joins forces with the Worcester Vigornia Rotary Club around the campfire to raise money for charity & to celebrate the coming of spring on the 12th April 2012 at the Hillcrest.

This time along with fellow open mic group ‘Parole Parlate’ (the Spoken Word), run by our friends at the Worcestershire Literary Festival.

Following on from the great success of our first event last year with the Vigornians, which raised almost £300 for charity, we hope that this dynamic evening will be as successful a night for an extremely worthy cause.

All proceeds go to Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.

BFS Article about our Birthday Bash
7th March 2012

The British Fantasy Society have been kind enough to publicise our forthcoming first birthday event in March 2012, ‘Nosferatu @ 42’

This is a smashing piece, and we are very grateful to the BFS, who are of course legendary in their work for genre fans and writers in the UK.  Many thanks!

Nosferatu @ 42: Monster Mash Birthday Bash
6th March 2012

The 28th of March 2012 will see the very first birthday of ‘42’ in Worcester, and we are celebrating in style! The event was started during March 2011, with a view to sharing our first anniversary with a birthday of huge significance for one of our great gothic inspirations: F.W. Murnau’s undisputed classic film ‘Nosferatu’, the earliest film version of Dracula, is 90 years old in the same month.

Simon Munn, founder of the Worcestershire Film Festival will be joining us to speak about this great movie milestone, and the writers who participate will be embracing Count Orlock as their theme for the night.  Join us for a night to remember at The Lunar Bar, and shadows of the vampire...
O P E N   M I C    N I G H T

(Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
Nosferatu @ 42
(1st Birthday Bash)

- 28th March
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
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Ludi Cereales
(Celebration of Spring)

- 12th April
- Hillcrest,Worcester
Vogonesque II
(42 Special)

- 30th May
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
42 Worcester (June)
- 27th June
- Lunar Bar,Worcester