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42 Open Mic Night was founded by Glenn & Angela James

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T h e   4 2   T e a m
Glenn James
Co-Founder and Press Officer
Senior Organiser - 42 Birmingham, 42 NUL, 42 Stoke
& 42 Worcester

Together Glenn and his wife Angela started ‘42 Worcester’, and the success of this has seen them both go on to expand the event, with them currently setting up ‘42 Birmingham’, ‘42 Stoke’ (Stoke-on-Trent) and ‘42 NUL’ (Newcastle-under-Lyme).  Glenn and Angela continue to support their fellow 42 event organisers.  Glenn is also ‘42’s’ Press Officer.

Glenn is a Writer, Artist, Storyteller & Performer in his own right.  He is currently developing his gothic fantasy ‘Skaler’ stories and ghostly tales inspired by folklore.  As well as penning children’s stories, which have been lovingly performed to young children.  As a talented artist and illustrator he has developed an individual drawing style he calls ‘Pre-Raphaelite Goth’, and he illustrates his own gothic & children’s stories.  His work has been published in Magazines (both online & offline) and exhibited across the globe.

Angela James
Co-Founder and Website Designer
Senior Organiser - 42 Birmingham, 42 NUL, 42 Stoke
& 42 Worcester

Angela co-founded ‘42’ with Glenn.  They both started ‘42 Worcester’, but are now also concentrating on expanding to other cities.  She is currently setting up ‘42 Birmingham’, ‘42 Stoke’ (Stoke-on-Trent) and ‘42 NUL’ (Newcastle-under-Lyme) with Glenn, as well as assisting and supporting other event organisers.  Angela is also ‘42’s’ website designer.

Angela is a Writer & Poet in her own right.  Her evocative poetry covers parenthood, war, environmental & social issues, as well as darker subjects.  Her work has been published in Online Magazines with a global readership. 

She is married to Glenn and they have two lovely daughters, Charlotte & Elizabeth.

John Taylor
Senior Organiser - 42 Worcester

John has been involved in ‘42 Worcester’ since its inception in March 2011.  In the autumn, he became a Senior Organiser and works closely with Glenn & Angela.  Together they have big ideas for developing ‘42’ in Worcester to take it to a new level. 

John is a Writer & Poet, Fantasy Artist/Illustrator, Photographer & Musician in his own right.  He is currently working on a collection of stories called ‘Lifewaves and Thoughtlines’, a children’s book, his first album, music video animation and concept art for film projects. 

John is also a web designer, band manager and organiser of ‘Lazy Sundays’, a monthly music session at the Worcester Arts Workshop.  

Steven Haynes
Senior Organiser - 42 Birmingham

Steven is currently setting up ‘42 Birmingham’ and has great plans for bringing ‘42’ to the second City. He has good connections to the student body of the University of Birmingham and is busy forging links.

Steven was born and raised in Birmingham and so knows the area well.  He recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA in History & Politics and an MA in Contemporary History. 

Steven is also a very accomplished D&D Games Player and has an enviable knowledge of contemporary and classic fantasy & sci-fi.

Geoff Robinson
Photographer & Organiser - 42 Worcester

Geoff has been capturing the essence of of ‘42’ with his photographs since its inception in March 2011.  A year on, he joins the team and has agreed to be the official photographer of ‘42 Worcester’.

Aside from open mic performances, Geoff photographs motor sport at the three Midlands hill climb venues, Prescott where he runs the photo archive, Loton Park and Shelsley Walsh for whom he writes reports and supplies photos for the local press.  

This year he'll be working on the photo team at the 2012 Olympics and running the photography at the Prescott Bike Festival.  Give Geoff a Nikon and bag of lenses and he’s a happy man.  He says it’s always great to capture the performances at ‘42’ and to read people's comments on Facebook an hour later.

Polly Robinson
Promotion/Marketing & Organiser - 42 Worcester

Polly joined the 42 Worcester Team in March 2012 to help to take ‘42 Worcester’ to a wider audience through her excellent promotion, marketing and event organisational skills. 

A freelance writer, marketer, trainer, coach & specialist verifier for higher level qualifications, Polly is also a quality consultant for new international training centres, supporting prospective training providers overseas in gaining approval to deliver qualifications.  Polly enjoys design work and creates material for other trainers who want their courses to be engaging and student-focused. 

Extracurricular activities include Rotary International and Polly is the president of the local breakfast club Worcester Vigornia Rotary, which joins with ‘42 Worcester’ to host charity fundraising events.

Andrew Owens
Organiser - 42 Worcester

Andrew also joined the 42 Worcester Team in March 2012 and together they plan to put ‘42 Worcester’ well and truly on the map.

Andrew is a writer who has a particular interest in fantasy fiction but writes in many different styles.  He is a member of the Worcester Writers' Circle and regularly performs at numerous spoken word events around the Midlands. His short stories have been published in both anthologies and online magazines/sites and he was a winning finalist for the spoken word competition ‘As You Read It’ where he performed to an audience of 350 at Malvern Theatres in November 2011.

Born and raised in Canada, Andrew moved to England in 1996.  He lives in Worcester, is married and has three children.

Become Involved

There are two ways you can become involved: -

1.  Join our team in one of our current Cities, or

2.  Start a ‘42’ in a new City & set up your own team
     (assistance & support will be provided).

Please contact us if you would be interested in being involved.

O P E N   M I C    N I G H T

(Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
Nosferatu @ 42
(1st Birthday Bash)

- 28th March
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
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Ludi Cereales
(Celebration of Spring)

- 12th April
- Hillcrest,Worcester
Vogonesque II
(42 Special)

- 30th May
- Lunar Bar,Worcester
42 Worcester (June)
- 27th June
- Lunar Bar,Worcester