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Ludi Cereales (Celebration of Spring)

12th April 2012

Once again ‘42’ joins forces with the Worcester Vigornia Rotary Club around the campfire to raise money for charity and to celebrate the coming of spring. 

This time along with fellow open mic group ‘Parole Parlate’ (the Spoken Word), run by our friends at the Worcestershire Literary Festival


£7.50 (including food)
(As normal, there will be no charge for performers).

Tickets can be purchased on arrival at the gate.

All proceeds go to Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.

Important: Please book in advance to ensure adequate food is prepared. 
Contact Worcester Vigornia Rotary Club on 01905 339 433 or e-mail:

FOOD (Included in Ticket Price):

Chilli, Bread, etc.

DRINKS (Not Provided):

Please bring your own drink (paper cups will be provided)


Themed Fancy Dress positively encouraged - Prize available for the best dress

Please wear sturdy shoes (bumpy field) & bring a torch (limited street lights).


The event will take place on Hillcrest (around a campfire).

6.30 pm arrival for a 7.00 pm start.

Free parking is provided at Severn House/Mercia Fine Foods, Bromyard Road, Crown East, Worcester, WR2 5TR (100 yards down the road).

For more details about venue, food, etc, please contact Worcester Vigornia Rotary Club on 01905 339 433 or e-mail:

See also the Facebook Event Page - Ludi Cereales - A 'Round the Campfire' Celebration of Spring.

‘42’ is Worcester’s first & only Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Open Mic Night for all those who love the genres & everything in between. Let your voice be heard!

Calling all writers, poets, musicians, performance artists, actors & comedians, if you have an interest in these areas we want you to get involved! We are always on the lookout for new contributors so please get in touch.

‘42’ takes its name from Douglas Adams’ great answer to Life, the Universe & Everything.

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